2017 Q4 Performance: 7.26%

Balance 31-12-2017

I started this quarter with £2,360.68 in my ISA, having only invested in Provident Financial and being about 75% in cash. I put in £150 more (bringing my total contributions to date to £2,500) and ended the quarter with £2,687.30, a £187.30 profit from my investments.

2017 Q4 Return

Using XIRR, as in my last performance article, I get a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 32.35%. This means that if I were to have this kind of performance every quarter for one year, my rate of return would be 32.35% (a guy can dream). Using the compound interest formula (as displayed in the formula bar above) I find that the quarterly rate of return equivalent to this is 7.26%!

Q4 transactions

This quarter I made two additional investments: I bought 100 shares of Francesca’s Holdings at $7.50 on October 6 for a total of £596.06, and 400 shares of Dixons Carphone at £1.50 on November 13 for a total of £615.42.

Investments 31-12-2017

Dixons Carphone is by far my best performer with a 29.34% return, followed by Provident Financial with a 10.03% return. Francesca’s Holdings is showing a -4.58% loss and is trading at $7.31, but the actual loss is a bit higher than that due to the appreciation of the pound against the dollar. Its current market value of $731.00 is equivalent to £541.31 at today’s exchange rate, giving me a total loss of -£54.75 on this position (-9.19% of my initial investment of £596.06).

And I still have about 25% of my ISA in cash waiting for me to find another company to invest in. Considering this, 7.26% is a very good return. I wouldn’t mind performing this way every quarter!

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