Apologies to my readers that I haven’t written anything after my 2018 performance article.

I started a regulated role in February 2019 and decided to cease writing about my investing, to avoid potential complications with my current employer.

I also was a bit inactive last year, since I was studying for the CFA Level 3 Exam during the first six months (I passed! Yay!), and now I need to obtain prior approval for every investment/trade I do, so there wasn’t much to write about anyway.

I made no further contributions to my ISA, sold Dixons Carphone for a slight loss and Takeda Pharmaceuticals for about a 20% profit, increased my holdings in Provident Financial and Just Group (each one makes up close to 50% of my holdings at this time), and kept Francesca’s Holdings unchanged (marginal holding).

As it stands, I now have only 3 holdings in my portfolio, which is currently worth £9,486.41, down about 7.6% from the beginning of 2019. Not a good performance, considering the equity markets roared up last year, but I’m confident that Provident Financial and Just Group are still deeply undervalued, and will wait until they recover to fair value to liquidate and find other investment opportunities. Hopefully they will more than make up for my pain and underperformance once this happens.

Let’s see what 2020 will bring!


Disclaimer: The above article reflects my personal opinions and is for entertainment purposes only. It does not constitute my employer’s opinions.

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