London, May 10, 2017

My name is Rui Rodrigues, a young Portuguese guy who moved to London almost two years ago to work in the financial industry. Now I work for a bank as a community banker (no, not in any equity research or financial markets related position), and I love finance and value investing.

I have a degree in Business Management and passed the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst Programme) Level 1 Exam; and I recently won the CityAM & Shard Capital Equity Challenge, achieved the Investment Management Certificate (IMC), became a member of CFA UK, and won a Silver Medal at the Surrey Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open.

When I’m not rolling around the floor with sweaty people, you’ll find me reading books about finance and investing, going out with friends and exploring London, reading company annual reports to figure out where to invest my (as of yet small) retirement fund, and writing articles to post on this blog (also, sleeping is nice).

Did I mention I love value investing? I’m a huge Warren Buffet fan, having read everything I could find about him (including all the Buffett Partnership and Berkshire Hathaway letters since 1957) and hope to use his investment method effectively to grow my assets.